Ursula Adami, MSc

Why I do what I do

Nobody is born as a coach – of course you know that! At best personal growth is behind it.  The more difficult or stoney the path in life is, the more chances of personal growth one has – they say.

So if you use these “chances” for a year-long self-change-program, wash the floor of your soul and scrub the dirty corners with a toothbrush, acquire a lot of technical knowledge, and turn your well developed intuition into a main strength, then – well, then you can take off!

Altogether, this summarizes my personal growth, starting in 1966 when I was born in Vienna.

When 25, I started working at Austrian Airlines as a flight attendant. Before that, after graduating and a finished apprenticeship as an orthodontist, I spent some time abroad (the USA, England, and Italy), working and studying languages.

My interest in psychology and with it my personal and professional developments towards my current profession started back in 1995.

My self-employment started in 2005. 2007, after 17 years, full of experiences, I decided to leave Austrian Airlines.

Big and sometimes painful life events and crises have made my life challenging at times, but never robbed me of my humor.

Today I live comfortably and balanced with a wonderful family, a great job that still fills me with enthusiasm, and pursue a wonderful hobby – clown theatre.

Trust me: with a red nose, life is a little brighter!


Quick and holistic analysis:

Out of different scientific fields such as brain research, cell biology, and quantum physics, a holistic advice and coaching method with quick analysis and solution concepts emerged. The goal is to unfold one’s potential and further personal strengths.

Process oriented and custom-made solution portfolios:
No standard technique applicable to all clients of the same classification. The coaching process develops individually and out of the specific case I am attending to. In doing so, I am using different techniques from my educational background. Team, participant, client – everyone ought to be able to remain competent.

Accompanying measures for implementation:

The right solution is often found off the beaten path. Thinking outside the box as well as good connections with partner institutes are an advantage. The same goes for a sound, professional education, which I guarantee.

Educational background:
Certified systemic coach for organizations | certified mediator | certified trainer | graduate psychological counselor | certified supervisor | speaker | mental training | crisis intervention | wingwave coaching | hypnosis coaching | heart rate variability measurements (24 hour EKG) | certified breathing coach | burn-out health coach | contracting party of the SVA | burn-out counseling | registered supervisor WKO | masters of science/counseling